What would you do if money was no object?

Money no object, I would own a place right here (Caseville, MI).

If you had $2 million dollars and no debt, how would you be living your life? What would be the same? Different? Would you retire? Would you start a new career? What would you do if you didn’t HAVE to work?

Over the past year I’ve been working on an idea of mine that I’m very passionate about. I’ve been looking for volunteers so I can develop them their own customized budget. I loved helping my friends and I’ve learned some things along the way.

What I’ve Learned:

I’ve learned that I was only attacking part of the problem. While no one learns in school how to make a budget, learning to budget doesn’t solve the problem, because a budget isn’t a goal. You have to plan with the bigger picture in mind of what you’re aiming for. A budget is a tool, but it works best when it’s built to serve the goals of the individual.

I’ve also learned that everyone doesn’t like Excel. I should have known that after being married to my husband for 10 years! Not everyone wants to budget that way and that’s perfectly fine. There are other options out there.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that I love helping people with money. It’s incredibly satisfying to me.

If money was no object for me, helping people with money is something I would do for free. I love talking money and I love helping people make their money work for them. I want all of us to get to a point where money is no object. Where we can just live our lives, fulfill our passions and money would not being the largest factor in those decisions because now we’re living like money is no object.

So let’s talk about what your money goals are and how to get there. I’m accepting a few individuals for the first round of my program, Financial Mapping! This will be at an incredible discount because I’m still learning as well.

Here is what will be included:

-Meet one on one to talk about your goals for the future and your finances. This can be in person or virtually.

-Examine your current financial habits and uncover areas to painlessly make your money work harder for you.

-Create a financial map catered to your personal budget strategy

-Continued support as you work towards your goals

Contact me today so we can schedule a free consultation and get started on making your money work for you!

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