Who can benefit from Financial Mapping?

Everyone knows in the abstract that they should pay their bills, save some money and save for retirement, all while trying to eat and put gas in their car. But how to structure your money and automate it so that you aren’t tempted by a full paycheck is another thing entirely. And how much should we be spending?

Financial Mapping helps you set up your finances in a way that aligns with your short and long-term goals. It’s perfect for a person who is just entering the workforce. Specifically for someone who is about to be on their own for the first time. It’s hard to know how much should be spent on a work wardrobe, rent, groceries, entertainment, etc. Especially if student loans are involved and they’re currently being deferred.

With my program we will look at your income, your bills, any debt you have and what your plans are, whether that’s to buy a house or get married or pay off student loans. Then we’ll figure out your priorities so we can make your money work most efficiently for your goals. You have to tell that money what to do or it disappears, I promise!

I’ll set you up with a system that is as automated as you’re comfortable with. If you have debt we’ll also make you a debt payoff schedule so you can see how quickly you can pay everything off. Depending on your motivation I can also help you find ways to make some more money in order to achieve your goals more quickly. It’s all based on the individual and how quickly you want to achieve your financial goals. We’ll automate your savings so you don’t have to think about it and we’ll establish spending that will still allow you to enjoy your life now and work towards your goals.

Just like everyone can benefit from a wellness visit, you can benefit from a financial check-in as well. Let’s see how you’re doing and where you can tweak things to make your money work harder for you.

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