Customized Personal or Family Budget

It’s probably weird that making budgets is a favorite pastime of mine, but it’s true. Developing a plan to show someone how their goal can become a reality is incredibly satisfying to me. Let me help you identify your pain points to managing your money and build you a budget you can live with that will help you achieve your goals.

Basic Customized Budgets start at $40 and increase with complexity of needs / development

Money Coach

Perhaps you want more help than just a budget. You have big dreams but you don’t know how to get there or where to start. This approach is more hands on. I use my financial mapping system to help you identify your short and long terms goals and what it will take to get you there. Includes a customized budget.

Coaching is initially $100 to develop your plan. Follow-up sessions are $40.

Daily Money Manager

If paying bills isn’t your jam, considering using my daily money management services. This service may be ideal for someone who just wants their bills paid and wants to know how much they have left to spend. They just don’t want to fuss with it. Also ideal for an aging family member or surviving spouse that wants to make sure everything is still being taken care of.

My system is customizable to your wants & needs and how involved you want to be. I can customize and manage a budget for you, giving you weekly feedback on your financial goals, leaving all the planning to me (and the worrying to no one).

Services can include:

  • Making a customized budget
  • Automate certain bill pay features
  • Handling bill payments (drafting checks for payment, only requiring you to sign and drop in the mailbox)
  • Setting weekly “allowance” so you have no worries on spending
  • Review of bills to see if / where savings can be made
  • Helping set financial goals to make your money work best for you and work towards financial independence / wealth

Many of these services overlap but it may be helpful to think of them in terms of how often I check in with you. Money coaching will have follow-up to see how you’re doing and what we need to tweak to continue to allow you to see progress. Daily Money Management will be an on-going service where we are in contact often.

Money management costs vary based on complexity but start at $25 / week, if weekly management is necessary.

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You can schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your needs and I can provide some suggestions. Contact Me